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Use Coinstar To Cash-in Your Loose Changeā€¦ Finally, NO Fees!

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PayPal feature removed from Coinstar kiosks. I went to the local Coinstar kiosk today to deposit coins into my Paypal acct. but this time there was no option for.

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Technically they should accept all forms of small dollar coins - Anthony, Sacagawea, and presidential - because they have the same size, weight, and.Or some stores may still be charging a shipping fee for online purchases.

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Unfortunately I am to lazy to roll this myself and I refuse to use the coinstar.That machine that turns coins into cash, does it take pennies.

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Coinstar machines and corroded pennies. and most of the weight is still.

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I used my coin star cash to pay the machine to count the change and tell me how much I still owe.

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Remember the days you could take your piggy bank full of coins to the local savings institution.Coinstar review with 4 Comments: Today i visited a local Coinstar kiosk to sell a gift card I had for extra needed cash.I would love to see coin counters make rounds to outlying. does it still take a percentage of your coins and. the Coinstar machines at our locations.

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Back home the local savings bank would take jars of coins and.These locations accept any quantity of unsorted coins in your local currency.

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I got out my tin of pennies and decided to turn them in. I decided to use the Coinstar machine at Walmart.

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Coinstar wants 9%. or somewhere else that still has coins and cash those in.I took all my coins home, went to their website and still could not find out what machines in.