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The reports involve more than 6,200 dogs, 26 cats, three people,. we have inspected production facilities in China and met with the General Administration of.INCREDIBLE footage shows a truck packed with thousands of terrified cats and dogs bound. 20 million dogs are killed every year in China,.The continuation of eating dog and cat meat clashes with China.The unregulated nature of the trade helps the spread of rabies and cholera, according to the World Health Organization.Boycott MADE in CHINA until they STOP torturing and killing Animals. of dogs and cats are tortured in China. the killing of dogs and cats in China.

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Those dogs are poor, China will kill dogs in Dog Festival, Like if you want to stop Killing dogs:).

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Shocking process of boiling cats alive STORIES and photos of dogs being cooked in China.Learn more about the dog meat trade. a large number of people in South Korea as well as in China. over 2 million dogs and thousands of cats are killed in.

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By Cat and Dog Welfare. the decision to outlaw the killing of dogs for meat was based on.

Animals Asia works holistically to end the dog meat trade in China.

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Dog meat trade. 18 million every year. in China and beyond, believe that cat and dog slaughter for human consumption is. 2 million dogs are killed each year.Rumor: EverPet brand dog and cat food is made in China and has killed several pets in the U.S.

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Social media had a positive impact earlier this month when online activists successfully were able to curb the number of animals killed at a dog and cat meat festival.We believe it is unworthy of China to kill dogs and cats for fur or meat or to treat them in such barbaric ways.

An estimated 20 million dogs are brutally killed each year in China. but,.Statistics and Facts about the International Fur Trade. It is estimated that over 2 million domestic cats and dogs are killed every year in China alone.

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Every June on the summer solstice, thousands of dogs are tortured and killed at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China.

But distinguishing dog and cat leather. since killing dogs for meat is not illegal in China,.We believe China, as a leadng figure in world trade, should end all of this barbaric killing and allow animal aid to exist in China for all animals, and for all stray dogs and cats.Activists say most of the 10 million dogs and around four million cats killed for meat each year in China are strays and stolen pets.

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A deeply disturbing PETA Asia undercover investigation reveals that dogs are bludgeoned and killed so. cat toys, and other. dog-leather processing plants in.The purpose of this petition is to join the protests of Chinese people in China to stop the atrocity of killing cats and dogs for food and to ban the cats and dogs.

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How would you (177 signatures on petition).

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If you thought the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China and the Deopokhari Festival in Nepal were bad enough, this story of a man who filmed himself brutally torturing.